Midweight UI Designers


60% remote & Central London


Core hours 10 am – 4pm


£40K + amazing benefits


Our client is a n employer from the world of digital design consultancy, an innovative breed of creatives, operating as a unique collaborative model that curates specialist teams around clients’ needs, providing their clients with the answers they need. 


This client works with some of the largest and most admired brands in the world, including:

Sky, Disney, Unilever, Royal Navy, Warburtons and Coca-Cola.


This employer is super – super proud of their accolades received, yet humble in recognition of their work in the last two years almost 100 top tier industry awards.

Your role and team


Current visual designers are makers and storytellers that combine design thinking and design doing to bring transformative ideas and experiences to life.

They’re visual fundamentalists, approach projects with a clear rational and innovative mindset, crafting brand systems, compelling products and extending visual languages to bring brands to life.

Visual Designers - Provide support on design delivery for key accounts, projects and initiatives working across multiple practices, including but not limited to Growth Consultancy, Advertising and Communications, and Brand Experience.

The ideal person is an ambitious designer who embodies and delivers against the wider creative beliefs of their clients and tis employer. 

You will be responsible for supporting the wider design pool and delivering design work that both meets and surpasses the standard of craft. 

You will be expected to partner with and actively support other disciplines including creative, visual design and experience design.

  • On any given day you might:

    • Participate in design concepting and ideation...

    • Idea, Concept, Proposition development

    • Scamping & Sketching

    • Storyboarding

    • Prototyping

    • Art Direction

    • Design Direction

  • Participate in detailed design and delivery activities...

    • Illustration

    • Iconography

    • Typography

    • Photography

    • Experiential & Environment Design

    • Brand Visual Language Development & Design

    • Data visualisation & Infographics

    • Design Documentation

Who you are


Fearless, possess the ability to come in and make the most of opportunities.

The work is varied and exciting, they need a Designer who isn’t scared of a new opportunity or scared of making mistakes on the path to something truly interesting. They want Designers who want to grow and help grow the department.


You’ve got to have artistic talent, know how to make marks that are beautiful, effective and can tell a story. Typographical skills are important. An eye for colour. Understanding form. Photography, animation, 3D are a plus.


You are not expected to know everything, but you are expected you to have a thirst for knowledge. 


This specific employer believes in a culture of inclusivity, celebrating difference and believe that diversity makes their business more relevant, their work more meaningful and their people more empowered. 


Committed to equality of opportunity for all and open to applications from all ethnicities, orientations, beliefs, gender identities + those with neurodiverse traits.

Let’s do this! 


If the above role, environment is invited to you, please get in touch with me for a chat.