We are Digital Execs, your digital recruitment experts, we’ve been partnering with employers in the digital & creative space for 10+ years and remain passionate about Digital Technology, more recently we’ve become marketers in our own right through promoting digital career opportunities as video job descriptions or video job ads from some of our most exciting clients, directly to Digital professionals.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

 Recognising the benefits that diversity & inclusion brings to an organisation we are focusing on representing some of best black & ethnic minorities in the Digital & Creative sectors


Ian Benjamin, MD Digital Execs.


Since I was a young lad growing up in Bedfordshire, I have always loved technology, I still remember in Junior school “Primary School for the younger folk” seeing a digital watch and a calculator for the first time, and then the delight of owning one of each.

These days, technology forms a part of all of our lives whether we like it or not, I’m really enjoying being part of the digital transformation journey we are all on, each day a new layer of digital technology emerges further shaping our future.

Nothing seems impossible anymore, we think it, believe it and can achieve it, 5G and AI are seamlessly fusing technologies making what was once watched on Star Trek become a reality.


From my perspective, every day I get the chance to listen to Digital Execs candidates, hearing about their skills, achievements, career aspirations or the requirements and vision of an employer in the digital sector. How could that be not interesting to anyone?


Please share with me your stories, vision or aspirations via Zoom, Skype, video message chat, messenger or if your old school like me just pick up the phone and call me, as your welcome.


Lukas Vaisvila, Digital Marketing Manager

Shortly after graduating from University for the Creative Arts with a degree in Advertising, I threw myself into the industry looking for ways to be seen, get noticed. Why did I choose to do Advertising? Well, I believe that advertising is an art form of human communication, it's the art of persuasion of drawing a person in, grabbing their attention. I believe that the best way to grab people, is by being different and doing the opposite to what everyone else is doing, while staying strategically on track to targets and final goals.

Technology, is an ever growing sector and it provides us all with an incredible amount of freedom for our creative juices to produce and share content with just a click of a button. Merging advertising and technology allows us to do so much and really make an impact on each other.

Came across Ian at a networking group and approached him to seek advice about the industry right after graduation and what tips could he give me in order to get hired. He was full of great ideas and shortly after our conversation, he came back to me to see if I would like to help him out with his great concept within the recruitment industry of Video Job Descriptions. Of course I jumped at it, started off with editing them and a little bit down the line, now, working with him to make a BANG in the recruitment industry! It's an exciting time of my life and we are sure to change the game when it comes to recruiting and connecting brands, with some great talent, watch this space!


How we build trust in bridging the diversity gap

Our expertise in video allows us to accelerate trust between employers and the candidates in our network by involving our clients in the video job descriptions, resulting in making it easier for black & minority talent from the digital & creative sectors to see & hear about the culture of our clients’ organisations who are committed to improving ED&I in the workplace.

Candidate Attraction

Recognising it’s become harder & harder to reach engage, interest Digital professionals due to the sheer volume of opportunities and lack of good talent posting a job description is no longer enough if you want the best Talent, we bring our clients vacancies to life with video, and reach out one by one to “Hard to Find Talent” and place your video job description directly onto the candidate’s smartphone or device through LinkedIn email What’s App or text message.